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Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Director of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Professor Wojciech Fałkowski, and on my own behalf I would like to thank you for your interest in the webinar series "Four Seasons in the Gardens". I am very pleased to inform you that the event gathered almost 79 thousand viewers in front of their screens. We had great pleasure in creating for you the topics of the individual meetings, which together formed a very rich programme on the history of garden art. You can still listen to all the now archived episodes under WEBINARIA.

At this point, I would like to once again thank all those involved in making our webinar series a reality: Speakers, Patrons and Partners, without whose knowledge, experience, capabilities and willingness to act the event would not have a chance to take place. I also hope that in the future there will be an opportunity to continue the series and meet with you again.

Yours faithfully,

Monika Drąg
Director's Proxy for Landscape Architecture and Gardens
The Royal Castle in Warsaw - Museum




Each episode of our webinar features magnificent floral compositions that reflect the theme of the meeting and convey content, symbolism and messages that are universal at all times. The gallery is placed in the tab WEBINARS. At the bottom of this tab, you will find an archive of all episodes already done and photos of floral arrangements made so far by Radek Berent and Łukasz Marcinkowski from the Duo Kwiaty & Miut. We encourage you to watch.


A series of meetings containing stories inspired by the world of plants could not take place without presence of the irreplaceable Robert Makłowicz. The secrets of table culture and recipes taken from garden art will enrich our webinars and will allow you to create your own culinary stories in the comfort of your own interior.

Robert Makłowicz, born in 1963 in Krakow, journalist, author of books and TV programs on culinary, cultural and historical topics. He studied at the faculties of law and history of the Jagiellonian University in a highly unsystematic and selective manner, as he did not complete any of these faculties. He has always been a passionate about history, especially the history of Central Europe during the reign of the Habsburgs, particularly, the last two rulers of that dynasty - emperor Franz Joseph and emperor Charles. Other interests can be called consumption in a broad sense - from literature (favorite authors: Joseph Roth and Andrzej Bobkowski), through music (from punk rock to Bartók, with particular emphasis on songs of the Csángó people), to fruit distillates (especially from Williams pears, mulberries, quinces, plums, apples, apricots and mixed), wines (necessarily Grüner Veltliner and Pinot Noir) and kitchen (a strange predilection for mollusk with sheep's cheese and smoked bacon cracklings).


Special guest of each of the 12 episodes of the series of webinars will be Duo Kwiaty & Miut. Łukasz and Radek are regular participants of events decorated with flowers at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. And their presence promises unusual flower arrangements that will allow us to find esthetic inspirations for every day.

Łukasz Marcinkowski has been involved in floristry for over 14 years. He started at high school, later he chose gardening as his first major, and next - furniture design at the Academy of Fine Arts. Radek Berent is a photographer, graphic designer and esthete, looking for art in every detail, even functional one. The author of photos in books: "About flowers" and "About plants". Together, they form a floristic duo that combines knowledge, experience and, above all, a unique artistic style inspired by Anglo-Saxon florist - Constance Spry, initiated by her at the beginning of 20th century.


Kutno the City of Roses actively supports Gardens of the Royal Castle in garden projects. It is worth getting acquainted with the idea of ​​the city authorities and the genesis of their love for garden art.

Kutno is a medium-size city, most conveniently located in the central part of Poland. Its uniqueness is evidenced not only by its location, but also by its rich rose history. It is thanks to her that Kutno has been functioning as the City of Roses for years. This was due to a return to the tradition, which is now flourishing again thanks to activities of the City Hall and the Kutno Culture Center. Both institutions maintain the tradition and rose culture originated in Kutno at the beginning of 20th century by Eizyk brothers, and which has developed significantly thanks to activities of Bolesław Wituszyński - an outstanding Polish breeder, creator of roses: Kutno, Marylka and Copernicus. In Kutno, each year at the beginning of September, Rose Festival is organized, the largest rose-themed event in Poland (in 2020 its 46th edition took place). This event includes the Polish National Rose Exhibition co-organized by the Polish Rose Society, rose competitions for professionals and amateurs, the Rose Fair and the Outdoor Rose Fair. Among the urban space you can admire over 100,000 rose bushes at flower beds and squares. Kutno actively promotes knowledge about roses on the national arena by participating in fairs, conferences and panels related to gardening and greenery promotion.

More information available at www.um.kutno.pl and www.swietorozy.pl


Emeralld is a comprehensive range of solutions and products targeted at private users and professionals. The Partner's activity is related to shaping a healthy and friendly environment both in the home garden as well as in a football stadium or golf course.

As a part of the cooperation, Emeralld organizes trainings, conducts audits and consultancy related to proper fertilization and care combined with agrotechnical treatments. The company cooperates with football clubs, service companies, urban and park greenery managers as well as sport centers throughout Poland.

More information about the company available at www.emeralld.pl


Husqvarna supplies the Royal Castle's Gardens with mowing works and cooperates as a partner during garden celebrations. Have a look at its basic profile.

Husqvarna® - the largest global manufacturer of high-class machinery, equipment and accessories for the care of green areas in parks, forests and gardens such as: self-propelled mowers, Automower® automatic mowers, toppers, grass trimmers, saws. The Husqvarna Group is also the European leader in irrigation systems as well as the world leader in the production of cutting machines and devices as well as diamond tools.

More information about the company available at www.husqvarna.pl


The unique atmosphere of the renovated gardens at the Royal Castle in Warsaw is due to, among others, reconstruction of the historic stand. The treatments of this year's shaping and rejuvenation of pre-war hornbeam gods were entrusted to experts from Park - M. The company, which is a leader in the landscape market, specializes in garden design and production of high-quality plants, next to historic garden facilities.

Additional information about the company is available at www.park-m.pl


BIRETA Professional Translations is a Warsaw translation agency with 17 years of experience in the language services industry. The company specializes in servicing large translation projects for industry and business. It works in accordance with the international standards ISO 17100 and ISO 18587, which specify the requirements for the provision of high-quality translation services. Thanks to the Information Security Management System compliant with the ISO 27001 standard, it guarantees clients security and protection of information confidentiality. The company also has many years of experience in comprehensive interpretation services during conferences, training sessions and business meetings. It provides experienced translators, professional equipment and written translations of conference materials.

More information at www.bireta.pl